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Illusion paradise In his attempt to make sense of all the ‘visual – emotional – philosophical’ input he gets while roaming the world, Bram Reijnders is, in his own words, mostly inhaling impressions of our times and exhaling these impressions as an aesthetic manifestation in his art. Committed to surprise, Bram’s narrative is never obvious. […]

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1971. Noemi lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied painting at the Institute of art, Bat-Yam, Israel. Despite her attraction to art, Noemi’s life led her through many different paths and challenges but it eventually brought her to her real destiny. When Safir was around the age of 35 […]

I’m fascinated of humans with interesting faces and their emotions and expressions. Every face is unique and the same face can look totally different in varying scenarios. I find inspiration for my “dream-stories” in a lot of things like music, books, films, conversations, faces and so on. I have a little book where I write […]

Paco Raphael introduces a new approach to all that surrounds us in life, from a painting to furniture or fashion. The contemporary products brand Paco Raphael crosses the line between art and design, uniting artwork with industrial products. “Why should art be limited to a canvas on the wall?” was the question that led to the production […]