Renée Marcus Janssen

Renee Marcuss Janssen at Kroon Gallery

Renée Marcus Janssen studied sculpture in Italy and the Netherlands. While at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, she produced works in bronze at the Fonderia artistica Da Prato in Pietrasanta, where she learned the craftmanship of finishing bronze. In the year 2012 she started a very pleasant cooperation with the artfoundry Artcasting at Oudenaarde in Belgium. At the moment her studio is located at the former Amsterdam NDSM shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord,

“Renée Marcus Janssen specializes in three-dimensional portraits of animals, in bronze. Her series, Animali Antichi (Ancient Animals), includes character portrayals of historic animals, each with a story of its own. Each of these portraits is more than a handsome reproduction of her subject’s outward appearance. It is a monumental tribute to wildlife and vulnerability of their existence. In bronze, Renée Marcus Janssen uniquely captures the particular character and individual traits of each of her subjects. “

  • ALEIDA (Bronze Dutch Cow) – By Renee Marcus Janssen
  • Saluki (Greyhound) – by Renée Marcus Janssen
  • Seth (Bronze Zebra) – By Renee Marcus Janssen