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November 2017

Paco Raphael introduces a new approach to all that surrounds us in life, from a painting to furniture or fashion. The contemporary products brand Paco Raphael crosses the line between art and design, uniting artwork with industrial products. “Why should art be limited to a canvas on the wall?” was the question that led to the production […]

City’s-Portraits are digital photographic compositions, which envision and explore the cultural layers and history of a city. They create a contemporary portrait of a city’s unique character, while shifting the borders and boundaries of Art, by redefining what constitutes a vision of history and a city’s self image. These portraits describe a walk in the […]

Leo Kogan was born in 1974. He first studied graphic design at RIT (Rochester, NY) and then at the Cooper Union (New York City) where he began painting full-time. Having acquired his BFA from the Cooper Union in 1997, Kogan continued his studies at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since then Leo Kogan has made […]