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Nissim Men

City’s-Portraits are digital photographic compositions, which envision and explore the cultural layers and history of a city. They create a contemporary portrait of a city’s unique character, while shifting the borders and boundaries of Art, by redefining what constitutes a vision of history and a city’s self image.

These portraits describe a walk in the city; they create the active dimension of multiple focal viewpoints, instead of viewing the city from one place. Past, present and future are in one vision, which encompassing architecture, art, symbols, historic events, cartography and city archives. A multi-dimensional journey is transformed into a two-dimensional image.

While photographing a city, Nissim Men has a sense of being a small human looking up at the giant city elements, then later in his digital studio, he becomes the all mighty giant re-arranging the composition.

The images exist in between the real & surrealness of urban existence.

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