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Jonas Leriche – Yu Zen XXL (190×130 cm)


Art photo print in certified liquid gloss
Edition 2/9
190 x 130 cm

In YU-ZEN, I hyphenate the word to emphasize the second half of it. On its own, the word ‘zen’ is a Buddhist school of thought originating from Taoist philosophy.

The model seems to be entirely at peace—her eyes closed and a tranquil expression on her face. A magnificent design of traditional Japanese patterns and flowers swirl and wrap around her body, melting into its curves and disappearing into the background, seamlessly blending the model with her surroundings.


  • Art-Direction/Photography: Jonas Leriche
  • Make-up: Amazing Jiro
  • Make-up assistant: Yui Amano
  • Model: Zoeysao
  • Video : Tommy Vuylsteke
  • Behind The Scenes Photography: Alex Vega Lynn