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Daanoe – Tunes of decay – LXRY frame limited edition (1 – 5)

Photograph of an abandoned castle in Belgium in LXRY frame
Edition of 5
160 x 85 cm

Price on request

We are proud to present 3 of Daanoe’s most iconic works in this special LXRY frame limited edition. The dimensions of these is slightly wider then the usual Daanoe works, giving you more of the picture and are presented, floating in a wood luxury frame behind the highest quality museum glass.

Self-taught Dutch photographer Daan Oude Elferink (1978) travels the world to explore and capture the beauty of forbidden, decayed and abandoned places. Daan has always been drawn to adventure and even as a child you could find him often secretly playing in an abandoned factory, not knowing that years later he would be taking pictures of them. The places he visits are not open for the public and permission pretty much never is given, because the places are too dangerous. That’s why often Daan needs to go to the extreme to find a way in by climbing high walls, rooftops, crawling through tunnels, etc.

Daan’s limited edition artworks have been exhibited in art galleries and art fairs in more than 20 cities all over the world, including Miami (USA), New York (USA), Paris (France), London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Bangalore (India), Singapore and obviously his home country The Netherlands.

Daan has released three books: Urban Exploration & Photography (2010-2012), Gift of Time (2012-2014) and Touched by Time (2014-2016). Touched by Time won the “European Book Price of the year 2017” awarded by the Federation of European Photographers in Sicily.