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Barbara van den Berg

Barbara van den Berg

Barbara van den Berg studied Visual Communi-cation in Den Bosch. In 2003 she graduated from the School of Art and Design. After her studies, she co-founded Studio BEET, an agency for graphic design and illustration.
Upon leaving Studio BEET, she evolved into an eclectic artist with a comprehensive practise that encompasses painting, digital collage, photography, charcoal, typography and stop-motion production. Exploring a multitude of different media, Van den Berg has a distinctive knowledge of how best to manifest her artistic visions.
Her diverse experiments in the language of expression is an underpinning feature throughout her oeuvre. As a child she lived in an almost perpetual state of observation, constantly fixated by human behaviour. Her sensitivity to how we relate and interrelate has instilled a uniquely humanistic approach to making art.
My art is about making contact.

Van den Berg’s visionary message is revealed upon introspective examination. Characterised by a contemporary, pop-whimsical aesthetic, her art carries a conceptual message that remains sharp in its critique. Her works foster a dialogue amongst ourselves, delving into the measures of connectedness. Her artworks encourage a cathartic exploration of oneself and one’s relation to and with society.

What stands out? How do you show your feelings? How do you communicate them?

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