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JOSEPHINE by Barbara van der Berg


C-print Lampa, Plexiglass
White or Black Frame
Edition of 12 (S) Edition of 7 (L)
Small: 37×50 cm € 1.450
Large: 125 x 167 cm € 3.450
Small: € 1.600
Large € 3.950

Girls are being presented in exaggerated
costume to provoke commentary on the
hyperreal tropes of femininity.
Employing both Pop and contemporary
elements, she uses embellishments of puffed
sleeves, large collars and crinoline dresses to

emphasise the enduring power of female ca-
nons. Her portrait compositions take from Old

Master paintings, and the enchanting
dichotomy that she creates is provocatively
realised within a dreamy, playful atmosphere.