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When woman rule the world – by Micheal Parkes (The Majestic Collection)

When woman rule the world – by Micheal Parkes
155 x 185 cm (including frame)
archival inks on 420gr canvas
Italian handcrafted classic wood frame.
Price on request

Utilizing groundbreaking 3d scanning technology and ultra high resolution imaging
techniques on museum quality canvas, Each piece in the Majestic Collection has every fine line and every delicate
brushstroke. To the naked eye, these artworks are virtually indistinguishable from
the much smaller originals. Using archival inks in the highest possible resolution and on
420-gram canvas, it is truly museum-worthy work for your home.

When discussing my work over the years, I have often
referred to my paintings as windows into other worlds where
time stands still and fantasy is allowed to run free. They are
doorways to explore the unknowable, and yet it’s possible to
find something very familiar in those enchanted spaces.

The only problem with that description is that most
of my paintings are relatively small. And if they are
windows to other realms, wouldn’t it be wonderful
if they were the actual size of a large window or
doorway, making it so very easy to just step through!?
In the unique Auromira Dreaming Majestic Collection,
all that has changed. Working with the latest printing
technology and a professional and wonderful print
studio in The Netherlands, some of my best images
have been transferred to a size which allows the viewer
to easily step inside and explore these diverse worlds.

Michael Parkes, the world’s leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer, has achieved remarkable success in the art world. His decades-long career has seen recognition in both the primary and secondary markets, a rare feat for artists. His works are coveted by celebrities, esteemed private collectors, and galleries worldwide, appealing to audiences of all ages. The journey began with his first solo exhibition in Amsterdam in 1977, and since then, he has showcased his art at renowned events and galleries like Basel Art in Switzerland, Art Chicago, Art Fair NY, Frankfurt Bookfair, Amsterdam Art Fair, and Tefaf Art and Antiques Fair Maastricht.