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Ms. Bellaford by Paco Raphael


Is she for real, or is she a fantasy? She could be one of the new faces of a model agency. But she does not exist. Paco Raphael composed this girl from the 500 portraits in his archive. He selected eyes, hairlines, chins and noses he could personally fall for, and created his almost perfect woman. Almost, since Paco finds that a fantasy works best when she’s just within reach. Believable,  balancing on the edge of supernatural. The New Face is real, meaning that all facial features are unmanipulated. Shown at 1 meter to 1 meter large, it’s the one time you can shamelessly stare beauty in the eye. Up close and personal, from the speckles in her iris to the softness of her skin. The New Face is in your face. Material: HD Finish in aluminium frame

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 cm