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Mona – by Marloes Nydam 1-9 (US series)


Dimenions: 115 x 155 cm
Technique: acrylics on canvas, mixed media, gold leaf
Edition 2 – 9

Marloes Nydam, born in 1988 in Assen is the artist behind the great unique works. She moved to Friesland from Drenthe. Where she now works with great passion on her paintings from her studio in Katlijk, a small village near Heerenveen. Art has always been a part of her life. She has been drawing and painting from an early age. After experimenting a lot with different techniques and images, she has developed her own style. Lots of color and thick layers of paint that you see on the canvas, giving the painting a nice structure and making it a real painting. Marloes believes that the perfect painting should fascinate you, you should be able to look at it for hours and she thinks you should really feel it! That is what she wants to convey with her works. You can recognize the works of Marloes Nydam by the large canvases, the fascinating faces, special animals, the expression and lots of color!