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Let the music play by Paco Raphael


With the Lovebox, Paco Raphael brings outdoor industrial lighting indoors. Starting from a passion for vintage signages and billboards and how they colour the nighttime cityscapes, Paco produces an indoor industrial art piece that adds urbanity to your home or office. Music is translated into light, by using song texts taken from epic tracks as typography on front of the lightbox. The form and size of the lightbox make it work as a painting on the wall and lamp in one. Front and four sides of the box are fabricated from high gloss plexiglass, edgeless adhesed to form an art piece with an eye for construction and detail.

Material: glossy plexiglass on all sides, edgeless adhesed with milled inlay of coloured lettering. With on/off switch. LED, 110/220V, dimmable on request.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 125 × 8 × 125 cm