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External – Internal 5# – The Perfect sunset – By Niels Weerheim – Created at Drowning man Festival 2023


External – Internal 5#
195 x 185 cm
Acrylics on canvas
Made during Drowning man festival 2023 on SV the spirit of Amsterdam

Handmade oak-wood frame
Unique piece

People have different reactions to abstract art. Some often wonder about the story behind such unique pieces, which rely on energy and intentions, more than on a clear composition or visualized story within the frame. When Dutch artist Niels Weerheim asked Florian Rooz (curator of the Kroon Gallery) if he had a cool idea for a location to create the 4th piece in his series “External – Internal” in which Niels challenges himself by painting in highly unusual locations and circumstances, Florian Invited Niels to create his next piece on his ship (The Spirit of Amsterdam) during a small, private festival that he’s been organizing with some friends to celebrate the coming of spring, in a secret anchorage on the inland waters of Holland. The plan was to not only to create this unique work of art together during the festival, but also to document the entire journey, from the first plank-stroke, to the crafting of the handmade framing and final presentation of the piece.

The result was a stunning story of energy and emotion, which hopefully shows the love and attention that goes into the creation of every unique piece of art you discover by Niels Weerheim and in the Kroon Gallery in general. This year we present the new External – Internal 5#, made during the 2023 edition of Drowning man festival, subtitled: The perfect Sunset.

The work is currently on display in our permanent Maastricht expo in the Kruisheren hotel.