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Colourful Baboon – By Lara Annina


Mandrills belong to the Old World monkey family. They are the largest surviving monkeys in the world today. With a body having various tints from a painter’s palette, they look almost too good to be true. These distinctive colors become brighter when the animal is excited. In the background of the painting, you can see hints of gold leaf, representing the golden nature of this animal.

Painted in acrylic on special primed pressed wood fibers material, finished with gold leaf.

Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a personal message from Lara Annina. As proof of authenticity you get your own personalised bottle with the painting (see pictures as example). With it, of course the signed certificate in paper. Once you enjoyed the wine, you can roll the certificate up in a bottle like a bad-ass pirate.

Painting includes an already installed art hanging system. This way the painting can be installed without a frame.

Lara Annina is a self-taught artist. She combines different techniques and materials to create something new and is always eager to express feelings in her work. Her artwork consists of hyperrealistic paintings and drawings. Most of them made with a combination of materials: acrylics, real gold-leaf and resin pour. She has always been fascinated by art. From the moment she could hold a pencil, she started to work with art to capture and pursue emotions.

“Making art that captures the beauty in itself is like giving back a piece to the world.” This is also her reason to work with art.