Kroon Gallery loves artists that still dare to look for beauty and passion. In an art-world dominated by the edgy and extreme, Petra is a fresh breeze! These days, if you want to truly rock the boat, make something beautiful and true.

Once you’ve seen one of Petra’s works, you will recognize her style anywhere in the world. The playful use of color, the attention to detail, her ability to capture the soul and spirit of her subject on the canvas. It is unmistakably her trademark.

Petra is in many ways a true artisan, her works being mostly made to order for-and with private parties. Her process is thorough and personal, often spending significant time interviewing and getting to know the drives and inner workings of her subject before her brushes hit the canvas.

We are very proud to be representing Petra and her iconic works.

Petra is a student of the Academie of Art Direction & Design where she was mentored by Frater Beatus Nijs. She also studied with well known American coach & artist psychologist Eric Maisel.